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Line dropped a week ago and speed now less than half what it was

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Line dropped a week ago and speed now less than half what it was

My line dropped a week ago today. When it came up the line speed was less than half what it was. The line has dropped a couple of times since and the speed has dropped even more.

I was syncing at  > 1900Kpbs, currently 9191Kbps. Upload was > 1000Kbps, now only 180Kbps.

Plusnet support saying that's within BT estimate so won't log a fault, although web pages and particularly video streaming are really struggling.


Have been using a Netgear router which is very reliable - tried going back to the Plusnet router but it won't sync at all.

Plusnet support keep banging on about trying the test socket but I have an Openreach VDSL interstitial plate, which they don't seem to understand.

All very frustrating as the line was rock solid and capable of a good connection.


Any thoughts?

Happy to buy a new router if any recommendations, as while Netgear is good, it is old so old WiFi standards and no recent firmware updates for security.



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Re: Line dropped a week ago and speed now less than half what it was

Hi @brookhouse, line tests aren't showing the cause of the drop with your upload speed, but if you can remove the faceplate of the master socket you'll see the test socket behind it which'll bypass any internal wiring including the faceplate, narrowing down where the issue lies.

Failing that, I'd recommend reporting a fault to us at letting us know over here when you've completed it.


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