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Line Problems Since Thursday (16th Aug) Morning

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Line Problems Since Thursday (16th Aug) Morning


I recently switched to from BT and everything has been rosy up until now, since yesterday morning my line speed & latency has been up and down like a yo-yo. I thought (hoped) the issue might resolve itself over night (service outage page shows no issues in my area), but upon waking this morning I was greeted with the same problem. Just before leaving the house this morning for work I checked the landline phone and there was static noise on the line (had this same problem over a year ago) so I tried to run the phone troubleshooter and although it starts successfully after roughly 2 minutes I'm presented with a "something went wrong, please contact us".

Normally I'd drop support a line as they have been awesome when I was with in the past, but as I am not at home today and ideally would like the issue investigated and hopefully fixed ASAP, I wouldn't be able to run the inevitable troubleshooting steps to rule out an issue with my hardware (which hasn't changed since I switched to (Draytek 2860AC running in bridged mode, with a Ubiquiti USG router).

Is there any actions I can take in the meantime to start off an investigation into the problem? I can remote onto the management interface for my router that gives pretty comprehensive stats if any of that helps.

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Re: Line Problems Since Thursday (16th Aug) Morning

Hi @thedwillis,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues with our services. I've taken a look into this today and upon testing your line I've not been able to detect any fault on the phone line or with the broadband, so at this stage I'm afraid that there's nothing much more that we can do to investigate the fault from our side of things.

If the phone is crackling when you pick it up, this is what we'd need to investigate first and foremost and we'll need you to go through our phone troubleshooting guide once you get back in the property, which can be viewed here.

Please let us know how this goes and if you continue to experience any issues after carrying out the tests so we can progress with the investigation of the fault as soon as possible.

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