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Latency spikes and lags while playing

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Registered: ‎25-03-2019

Latency spikes and lags while playing

Hello, it happens everyday whenever I play online games it just constantly lags and it's unplayable watching youtube videos or twitch streams is ok it buffers from time to time but it's not that frustrating.

speed check and latency 10mb/s download and 6mb/s upload is a bit unreal because I never get those speeds.and lag is horrible.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Latency spikes and lags while playing


Hi @dreamas1


Thanks for getting in touch.


I've tested your line and you're currently in sync at 40mb/s, so no issues there.


It's likely that the lag is a byproduct of the slow throughput you're experiencing - could you run a wired speed test and let us know the results?


If the above WAS from a wired speed test, get your router in the test socket of your premises as shown here and run it again, if it's still the same, raise a fault here and we'll ask our suppliers to take a look.


Best wishes