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Landline/Broadband fault

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Landline/Broadband fault

So I had question #224574818 open for this however due to the carp site layout when I tried to add an additional info to the ticket it decided to close it instead..

So hopefully the engineer ticket is still active as I'd like to get service back asap so I can continue WFH as I'd like to avoid going to the office over the weekend (estimated time to fix before the ticket was incorrectly closed was 24th May at 23:59:59)..

If a support person sees this and can reopen said ticket that would be awesome ta!

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Re: Landline/Broadband fault

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Re: Landline/Broadband fault

Hi there,

I'm really sorry to see your line's not working and for the confusion here as well. 

It looks like you may had clicked the "resolved" button by accident which closed the ticket, but no worries I can see we've since re-opened it for you and this hadn't affected the supplier fault in any way as that's still in hand. 

Fingers crossed an engineer's able to get that fixed for you soon and let me know if you need any further help!

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