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Just Getting Silly Now...

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Just Getting Silly Now...

I'm currently paying £19.99 a month for 72+mbps fibre optic. Have been promised speeds of 20+mbps which I'm happy with, but for the last month my speed has been crawling at 3 to 3.5mbps. Phoned you up, took about 45 minutes to get through and was told a fault will be raised. Last week I was told a BT engineer needed to come around to give a timeslot for him to visit. As Tuesday's are my only weekday off I gave 5th August (yesterday) 1pm to 6pm afternoon slot which I received both text and email confirmation for a couple days later.
So I waited in all day, wasting my entire afternoon for a BT engineer that never showed up. I didn't even receive a phone call about any possible delays or anything. He finally arrived at 8.20am this morning whilst I was in the shower getting ready to go to work. I didn't hear his phonecall or anything and only found out he'd appeared when I was leaving and saw his 'missed you' card pushed through the letterbox. Unhappy is an understatement!
Now it's going to be another fortnight before I'm off again on a weekday!
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Re: Just Getting Silly Now...

Hi MykeUK,
I'm really sorry to hear about the missed engineer appointment and totally miffed that he appeared the following day without being asked to do so!
I'm going to take a look into this for you now and see if we can both found out what happened and also see what we can do about rebooking an appointment for you. I'll update the support ticket on your account as soon as I have some further information for you.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.