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Issues with my broadband

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Issues with my broadband

I've been with this ISP for around 12 years and it has NEVER reached the speeds it's supposed to. Contacting the support network is a joke all the say is it's fine at their end and supply a link to help pages older than my daughter.

I know other ISPs have issues but plusnet is atrocious, their priorities are to embark on campaigns to get new customers to replace the ones who have reached the end of their tether.

Instead of getting new customers who all want the service they would do better meting the obligations they have to existing customers.

It would save having to scimp the resources they clearly dont have amongst an over burdening clientele. I fancied fibre broadband but a look amongst the fibre forums reveal the same exact problems.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Issues with my broadband

Hiya @whitbycolin, thanks for getting in touch.


I am really sorry that you have experienced issues with your service. Testing your line today shows you are currently getting a sync speed of 22mb which is really good for your connection and it also looks really stable.


I can see we have previously responded to you via Twitter and gave some steps to try help with the wireless connection and steps to follow should the issue occur over a wired connection also.


Have you been able to give the steps a go yet?


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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team