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Is this happening to everybody ?

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Is this happening to everybody ?

Hello Plusnet,
Basically every number of months the line is getting a reset and a blanket policy is getting applied.
This is happening without:
- loss of signal quality, SNR down is 29, up is 13.5 and stable
- the uptime is not affected before the change, no reconects
- the change is sudden from 3 to 9 db SNRM
- the change is happening mostly durring the night
- no packet loss
- it is a short, under one mile, stable, quality line
- the modem is broadcom based
- most important, not a single CRC error recorded
The loss of bandwith related to this change is about 25%.
The only parameter which stays the same is FastPath.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Is this happening to everybody ?

I cannot see any clear reason why this should happen. We'd need to investigate further for you, and I'd therefore suggest raising it to our faults team (
 Plusnet Support