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Internet now working again - glasgow

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Registered: ‎13-03-2014

Internet now working again - glasgow

Hi Plusnet
My Internet connection is not working again. There was similar issue couple of weeks back but that was fixed next day.
It stop working last night at around 11:50 pm and not working since then. I have tried restarting router, reseting it and doing everything with router access page .
The internet light is flashing but I can't connect with Wire or wifi way.
please can someone advise when this will be fixed. This is really painful as I am without internet since last night.
I moved from Sky as I heard all good things about plusnet but....
Plusnet Alumni (retired) LinnPlusnet
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Internet now working again - glasgow

Hi glasgow0guy,
I've had a look into this and ran some diagnostics on your line and can see that you're trying to log on to the router using the incorrect username. Please try again and remember that your username to log into the router is "your username"
Hope this helps. Smiley