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Internet issues

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Registered: ‎05-11-2021

Internet issues

I have been having issues with my broadband particularly the last two days.  Can you check and see if there is a problem please.

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Re: Internet issues

@Lhankin A bit more detail as to the 'issues' would help other Community members (and PN Help Team staff) help you.

Are you on ADSL or FTTC?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Internet issues

Good afternoon @Lhankin - thanks for creating your own thread Smiley

@jab1 is right though, for future reference, you'll get a lot more out of our Community Forum if you can be as descriptive as you can when it comes to any issues that you might be having. Thankfully though, I've been able to locate your Plusnet account and can indeed see the drops that have been occurring over the last few days, particularly in the evening. Testing the line has not identified any specific underlying issue with the service, though DLM has increased the downstream SNR to 9dB - meaning it's trying to stabilise your line given the recent dropouts.

Going forward, I've just placed an order to upgrade your service from ADSL to ADSL 2+, this generally offers a better connection overall and might also increase your download speed. This order is due to complete on Monday all being well, so please feel free to reach out next week if this has not positively affected your connection. If it hasn't, we'll direct you to have a quick read through our Troubleshooting Guide to see if you're able to resolve the issue internally, and if not, we'll be more than happy to get a fault raised.

While I've been in the account, I've noted Fibre broadband is actually available, giving you speeds of up to 22Mbps, if you're interested in this at all, have a chat with our Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632.

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds
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Re: Internet issues

Hi @adam945 @still having issues, can you check if the order completed on Monday or whether it’s still to go through and if I need to wait a bit longer.



Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Internet issues

Thanks for getting back to us @Lhankin

I'm really sorry to see you're having connection issues still.

I've checked your line and I can see you're on ADSL2+ now though the tests are showing a massive amount of what we call "errored seconds" and your broadband's generating an error every 64 seconds which, as you can imagine, is a lot. 

I've attached our testing below if you're interested in having a look.

xDSL Status Check
Circuit ID: [redacted CBUK] Service ID: [redacted BBEU]
Telephone NO.: NA Test Executed On: 09-11-2021 21:38:57
xDSL Status Test Summary
Sync Status: Circuit In Sync
General Information
NTE Status:   NTE Power Status: Unknown Bypass Status:  
  Upstream DSL Link Information Downstream DSL Link Information
Loop Loss: 34.5 60.5
SNR Margin: 7.1 19.3
Errored Seconds: 0 530
HEC Errors: 0  
Cell Count: 30518 490064
Speed: 728 420
Maximum Stable Rate (KBPS): 3424 Fault Threshold Rate (KBPS): 2739
Mean Time Between Retrains (Seconds): 28769 Mean Time Between Errors Upstream (Seconds): 546
Indicative Line Quality: A Mean Time Between Errors Downstream (Seconds): 64

I'd recommend we arrange an Openreach engineer visit to investigate further. Can you reply to the ticket I've logged on your account Here with when you'll be available for one?

If you can post back here once you've responded, I'll make sure we book the engineer as soon as we can.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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