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Internet has been disconnected

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Internet has been disconnected

I renewed my contract which starts on the 10th November but Plusnet have closed my account and disconnected me on the 24th October. When I renewed my contract the person I spoke to assured me my service wouldn't be shut off before the new contract date, but it has! I absolutely need internet to run my business and cannot wait until the 10th. Can someone from Plusnet call me urgently?
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Re: Internet has been disconnected

Have you consider that you might have a fault?

why not report it?

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Re: Internet has been disconnected

I agree with @Mustrum . If you 'renewed your contract', nothing would be disconnected and your account would not be closed - how do you know it has been?

If you are moving from an ADSL service to an FTTC one, then, on the date specified, subject to engineer availability, you might suffer a period of disconnection whilst your service is switched over, but that should only be for around a couple of hours, at most.

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Re: Internet has been disconnected

Hi @rosspichler,

I'm really sorry for what has happened. I can see we've created a new account and your broadband order's due to complete on the 2nd November before midnight. Let us know if you have any further issues. 

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