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Internet going so slow....

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Internet going so slow....



My internet has started going so slow that it feels like I'm on dial up. Can someone check my line to see why this might be the case? I've restarted my router about 3-4 times with no luck.


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Re: Internet going so slow....

Hi @Blakey0500

Please accept my apologies for the issue with your broadband speed.

After testing the line, it appears stable and the speed is above the estimates. I have performed an SNR reset on the line as the SNR margin appears low compared to the length of the line.

If the problem persists, please run a speed test on via an Ethernet cable and Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge. If the speed is lower than the estimated speed, please click further diagnostics then enter your telephone number and run the diagnostics to send this information to us. Along side this, please raise a fault here and let us know when you have completed it.

Thank you.

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 Lewis G
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