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Internet dropping out when using cloud backup?

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Internet dropping out when using cloud backup?



I use both OneDrive and Citrix Files to backup various documents. My broadband/wifi is normally pretty stable; however, when either of these programs start to upload files to the cloud, my connection drops out pretty much immediately. This usually impacts all devices connected to the WiFi, not just the device doing the uploading. Usually when this happens, the WiFi remains connected, but I get a "no internet" error. As soon as I turn off the cloud synching for these programs, the internet connection becomes stable again.


Please can someone help?



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Re: Internet dropping out when using cloud backup?

It is very likely that the cloud backups are maxing out your upload bandwidth - with ADSL that is usually quite low.  Even downloading data requires some upload bandwidth, so if it is all being used by the cloud backup then other things will time-out.

There should be a configuration option in the cloud backup apps to limit the bandwidth. You probably need to limit it to 100Kbps or less to allow other concurrent use.