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Internet disconnect

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Registered: ‎25-09-2014

Internet disconnect

I've been with Plusnet now since last December and I've never had any problems with them at all. Until now. For about the past week, my internet connection has been randomly dropping. I'm not sure if this is the connection or the router. When it drops, sometimes if I reset the router the connection will comeback. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when connectin does come back it will drop again a matter of minutes later. If it is in fact the router I would have expected that they would last a little longer than 9 months. If it's the connection, why had this all of a sudden started happening when it's been fine for so long? The website isn't particularly useful as it is not for issues that are happening to your internet connection at the current moment in the. I want the question answered as to why it keeps dropping? It would be nice to come home like I used to and not worry about the connection dropping five or six times a night every night.
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Re: Internet disconnect

Hi Mgear18
Really sorry to hear that you've suddenly faced this issue.
Seems you are experiencing some kind of fault but after testing I can't find anything outside your premises.
I've sent you an email and an sms message regarding the tests we need you to do and once these are complete I'd ask that you reply to the message and we'll get the fault raised for you.