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Internet constantly dropping out

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Internet constantly dropping out

Hi, my internet is dropping out every hour or so and has been doing so the past couple of months now with internet speeds extremely slow at times. This problem is nothing new for me as I have to contact support every few months to get it sorted again for the past couple years or so. I've had 3-4 engineer visits in the past and they've found nothing wrong on my side. The usual message I get on my router's settings is "dsl down" with the internet light off on my router. If anything could be looked at/ sorted out for the time being that'd be great, cheers.

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Re: Internet constantly dropping out

Hi @mickc29,


Thank you for taking your time to get in touch.


I am very sorry that you are having a problem with our service. As my response contains account sensitive information this is not something I can provide over this platform. I have created a support question on your account with the answer and you are able to respond to this. You can view this on the following link.


Kind regards,



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Re: Internet constantly dropping out

Have you got any other phone sockets in the house?

If so, I would try removing the faceplate from the master socket removing any phone extensions from it and plugging your broadband modem and router into the "test" socket to see how stable that is.

This will eliminate any internal wiring issues.
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Re: Internet constantly dropping out

I have been having the same problem for several weeks and it is so frustrating that I am considering a move to another provider.