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Internet Disconnecting at night

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Internet Disconnecting at night

Hi i am new here i have been with plus net since may and i have not had any issues until this week. My internet has been disconnecting between 8-10pm every night and it drives me nuts. I have done speed tests and i get around 31mbps i usually get around 40mbps which is decent for my area, my guaranteed minimum speed is supposed to be 40mbps. I have tried unplugging everything and left it for 5 mins and i have also texted HELP that runs test's and it said there was a problem which has been resolved but my internet still disconnected. Is there anyone able to check my account and run tests and let me know what the problem is before i try ring up for an advisor?.


Thanks, Richard.

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Re: Internet Disconnecting at night

@richyg36 Welcome to the forums. If they claim the problem is resolved but it doesn't appear to be, then I suggest you contact PN by phone and ask them to re-run the tests. If they still claim there is no problem, post back, and Community members may be able to help.