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Intermittent broadband speed fix

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Intermittent broadband speed fix

We've had Plusnet fibre broadband and landline installed within the past couple of months. Previous to this we had Virgin fibre broadband for many years.
The bt master phone socket does not have a convenient power supply nearby so we are connecting the router and phone to an inside socket.
The Internet speed is good for about a week (more than 20 mbps), then it slows to maybe a third of that speed. At the same time the phone loses its dial tone.
We have a workaround which is to call the landline from another phone, this brings back the dial tone and reestablishes normal Internet speed.
Has anyone had a similar experience and what was done to solve the problem?
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Re: Intermittent broadband speed fix

Sounds like a disconnect or break in one of the wires that feeds your master socket from outside your property, the Openreach technical term for this is "Dis in one leg". Broadband can still  work with only one wire, although at a lower speed.

You will need an Openreach engineer to trace the cabling and fix the broken / disconnected  wire.

As a first step you should follow the phone troubleshooter on the Plusnet website, which will run diagnostics on your line and log a voice fault. When the voice fault has been repaired by the Openreach engineer you can then get Plusnet tech staff to reset the line profile for you and your speeds should return to normal.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Intermittent broadband speed fix

Hi @rapplewhite12 


I'm not finding any phone fault on your line at all. 


Can you please confirm if you get the same error when you are connected to your master socket, as this may well be an internal wiring issue. 


I'm afraid that right now, I am unable to run a GEA test on your line to check for a broadband fault as our suppliers systems are currently having a maintenance update. 


Let us know how you get on in the master socket.