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Intermittent broadband disconnection

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Intermittent broadband disconnection



Since my last post, I have moved house and my plusnet connection with it.  The previous broadband package at my new address was with talk talk, and it was pretty rare that we got an internet connection for more than a few minutes at a time.


Since switching to plusnet this seems to have improved, we can now view web pages and we seem to have good download speeds.  However it seems that in the evening the internet intermittently cuts out, or the download speeds drop for a short second.  Unfortunately this means that most videos and audio are unwatchable (/unlistenable!) I'm surprised that this seems to be the case even with quite low quality audio files.


Very grateful if anyone can shed any light on what might be happening!

Many thanks,


Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Intermittent broadband disconnection



I've taken a quick look through your connection logs and at your line statistics and I actually can't see what would be causing the problems you're experiencing.

We can see that your router has held a solid connection with your cabinet and local exchange for over 5 days without any drops. Your line statistics should good speeds, and about the right speeds for the length of your line.

What router are you using and where about's in your home is it located? Is it sat near anything else electrical or perhaps a cordless phone?

Chris Pettitt
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Re: Intermittent broadband disconnection

Hi Chris,

I've tried a different router and network cable with no effect. Running the basic speed test always shows a good speed. Strangely, we have never been able to run the further diagnostics through BT Wholesale (where you put in the phone number)
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Re: Intermittent broadband disconnection

As Chris says, your connection between the cabinet and the exchange seems very consistent:



Presumably it's the wireless that is causing problems. It might be worth having a look into changing the wireless channel that your router operates on. Have a look at this here:

It'd be a case of trial and erroring different channels, to see if one proves to be more reliable.


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