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Intermittent/Off Broadband for 21 days!!--Great Cornard Suffolk

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Intermittent/Off Broadband for 21 days!!--Great Cornard Suffolk

Hello, Has anyone else suffered broadband issues intermittent/off in Great Cornard in Suffolk? I have had problems since 24th August, multiple calls, multiple reference numbers, ever extending clear/fix date, which is now 23rd Sep. I have been told its an issue in the exchange and its Open reach's issue. How can this length of outage be acceptable in this day and age? especially in suburbia. Being fobbed off. 

Anyone else suffering this issue in the C10 area of Great Cornard, any ideas to push this to resolution? 

BR Matt

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Re: Intermittent/Off Broadband for 21 days!!--Great Cornard Suffolk

See here Zen Broadband Status - there appears to be a good number of incidents related to your STD code, so you are probably not been fobbed off.

If it is an exchange issue, then there is a fair possibility that it is a serious issue, requiring new kit.

Great Cornard is near Sudbury and is probably all on that exchange.  Several ISP's users are reporting issues in that area - BT (British Telecom) Outage in Sudbury, England: Current Problems and Outages • Is The Service Down?... - if you go look at the outage map, there is a big red exclamation mark on Sudbury.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.