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Intermittent ADSL - dropouts caused by Plusnets Voicemail service

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Registered: ‎02-08-2017

Intermittent ADSL - dropouts caused by Plusnets Voicemail service

Good Morning,

As the title suggests we have had intermittent connection dropouts, with our ADSL,  its usually fine for months and then suddenly the internet kept dropping, again, and again,  then after some time the problem would go away.


Well it turns out it was the Plusnet voice mail service, which then gives us a different dial tone to let us know we have a voicemail msg.

When the dialtone is changed to a two tone dialtone, then the internet drops, and the adsl modem bounces in a loop of trying to regain connection.  I then clear the voicemail msg and then the internet comes back immediately. I just recreated the issue on my own landline by simply leaving myself a msg, and sure enough the connection on the router drops immediately upon taking the message and comes back the second I cleared the msgs from the service.


So we now have this voicemail feature turned off. (Very odd Plusnet would sell a service, that could then give thousands of customers intermittent internet.


As the service has now been disabled I would like to have our line's profile be reset again so if it were a fresh connection.

Can someone at Plusnet, reset my phoneline modem profile?




And please pass this on to those who may benifit from knowing that this could also be a potential intermittent issue for thier ADSL too.


Kind Regards,