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Installation query

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Installation query



Hoping someone may be able to advise on this query.


I'm considering joining Plusnet (currently on Virgin) and will require a standard phone line installed into our basement.  The wiring of the Virgin Media line is fed through some previously installed 20mm round conduit that was fitted specifically into our basement running from the front of the house for this purpose.  Drilling new holes through the wall isn't an option due to the waterproof membrane that is on the basement walls.  Could anyone give me advice if they think it would be possible to use the conduit, and what would happen if the installation engineer turned up and refused to use the conduit - is there a fee chargeable if they left without completing the work?


I raised this query on the on-line Plusnet chat with no success.  They were unable to given me an answer on either query (down to the engineer to decide / they couldn't tell me if it was chargeable if the work wasn't completed).


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Installation query

I doubt you will get a straight answer regarding possibilty from anyone but some-one skilled in this area inspecting the layout. It depends on many factors such as length, number of and possible access plates in bends, whether there is still a draw wire in the conduit, should the route need one or if the Virgin cable could be removed to use it to draw the new cable through.

I have no idea regarding costs.

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Re: Installation query

Hi @davesart,


Welcome to the forums!


It's a tad difficult to answer your question in a simple black and white way, but installing a line shouldn't be an issue. Would they be able to use that conduit? Probably not as it would involve touching, moving or affecting in some way that Virgin wiring. I'd imagine that the engineer would install a socket somewhere upstairs and then run an extension to the basement for use and that would likely involve tacking the wires in some way to the wall(s) to allow that to happen. To get a line installed in the first place there's normally a charge of £49.99 but often when signing up as a new customer this is offered for free and the cost swallowed by us. Engineers are normally able to complete work required within that cost but there are occasions where excess charges and time related charging is required which we would require you to pay for. Normally is that's required the engineer would attend and then not complete the work instead rejecting the order back to us to agree any excess charging and providing an estimate to do so, we'd then contact you with the amount and if you wish to go ahead take a payment and approve the cost with Openreach, who would then re-attend in another appointment.