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Inconsistent Download Speeds? Help!

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Inconsistent Download Speeds? Help!

Has anyone got issues with very inconsistent broadband speeds? I'm new to Plus Net, and am now on my second router as they told me this might be causing the issue. The new one up and running, but most of the time I don't get speeds above 2.5mbps, occasionally I might get somewhere between 5-10 (very very rare), and am consistently I don't get above 0.5mbps.

The funny thing is the change can literally go from less than 1.0mbps, then shoot up to 8-10mpbs, then go back down to less than 1.0mpbs within a minutes. It makes streaming Netflix almost impossible, and even browsing proves difficult.


Could it be an issue with something anything else, maybe any tips I could try? Or is this just what I should expect from my Plus Net service?

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Re: Inconsistent Download Speeds? Help!

Hi @johnrknewton

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues with your broadband service.

I have updated the ticket on your account and taken the relevant action to resolve the issue.

You can access it here. If the issue persists, please reply to the ticket and on here so we can investigate further for you.

If this post resolved your issue please click the 'This fixed my problem' button
 Lewis G
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