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IP profile questions

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IP profile questions

This is doing my brain in.Please bear in mind BT "lost" my connection for a few days a month ago,so I'm checking things out a lot now and I can't quite grasp a couple of things.
Last night my router (Netgear DGN2000) was in sync with the exchange @ 4500 kbps. with about 9% snr.This morning it was @ 3000. with 15% snr.After a careful re-sync it's @3700 ish now but it's been bouncing around a fair bit recently after a settled period after my outage.
My best sync has been 4600ish but my best download only 3700 at the same time.Recently it doesn't seem to matter what I sync at my downloads are between 2000-3400 as per picture.
So,anyone able to explain why I get such varying results?  I have just found out that my profile is now set at 2500 at the Plusnet end but I was expecting more like 4500 after initial line checks and several years of stable 2meg connection.
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Re: IP profile questions

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