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IP Profile

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IP Profile

I am on 20CN broadband and I seem to me the ip profile is very keen to drop usually within hours * or even minutes  when the Sync speed drops but its is not keen to increase when the sync speed increases.!!
It says on the plusnet site
BT Wholesale send profile change reports several times a day, so our system should update within 24 hours
Well my speed is
Max. DSLAM throughput kBit/s 3808 448
Min. DSLAM throughput kBit/s 3584 352
Attainable throughput kBit/s 4576 832
Current throughput kBit/s 3776 448
Latency 4 ms 4 ms
Bit swap off on
Signal-to-noise ratio dB 15 12
Line attenuation dB 51 32
That extra 0.5 Mp it very important when you have such a slow speed anyway!!
Could my ip profile be reset manually if the system has not updated by tomorrow .
Power cutback dB 0
And it has been that for 1 day and 17 hours yet my ip profile is still 2.5 Mp!!!
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Re: IP Profile

You need to run the BT Wholesale speed test - FURTHER DIAGNOSTICS to see what the BT profile is.  Until that updates, there is little chance of getting the PN profile updated.