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I’ve been charged 11 months worth of internet in 6 months

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I’ve been charged 11 months worth of internet in 6 months

After logging into my plusnet account and looking at my billing history I thought I would double check this with my banking app, just to make sure the payments have been taken on the correct dates etc. 

There is where I found a huge problem, the dates of payments were sporadic. Some taken at the start of the month, some right at the end and some in the middle. More than that, I then realised that these weren’t on a month by month basis but rather several times a month. I saw that in January I had paid my ‘monthly bill’ on the 31st, 21st and 2nd of January. 

In total including over charges for a month and my joining fee I should have paid, £125.58.

However in reality I have paid, £225.53! An over payment of £99.95, with pending payments right now.

The confusion is, after calling plusnet they can see all my payments and even my bill dates as too can I when logged into my account. It’s only on my banking that it is highlighting all of these extra payments. So I have attached pictures of these bills. As there is a limit of the amount of picture that can be posted I can’t include all 11.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: I’ve been charged 11 months worth of internet in 6 months

Hi @ Jameseteasdale1 thank you for bringing this to our attention.


I am truly sorry to hear this has happened. I have created a support ticket on your account addressing the points you've raised and the attachments you have submitted. Within my response I have also advised you of how we intend to proceed with this issue. You can view my response here


Please get back to me if you have any questions


Kind Regards,