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Hub One - Suddenly No Power -No Lights

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Hub One - Suddenly No Power -No Lights

Has anyone else experienced this problem where all the lights switch off and there is no power?  I switched the power button on and off several times but nothing worked.  When I tried this a few times I can sometimes see a light flash inside the hub and then switch off immediately. It's almost as if the power button doesn't  'catch' inside to keep the circuit on.   I've also noticed that sometimes when the hub is suddenly moved , the power goes off , so wondering if the hub is faulty .

It's not very old, maybe 4-5 months and I definitely had problems powering it on when I first installed it, but then finally got the lights on and its been okay ever since except today.

I tried other devices in the same power socket (ie. within an extension power socket ) and everything seems fine so I don't think it has anything to do with the home power supply.

It tried plugging the router in another socket in the kitchen and the blue light came on immediately, so its all a little confusing what's going on (obviously working now but a bit worrying it might go off again).

I think there must be a problem with the hub power switch where it sometimes forms a circuit and at other times it doesn't. 

Is it possible to ask for a new one to replace this faulty one as I'm still under contract for a few years?

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Re: Hub One - Suddenly No Power -No Lights

The mains power adapter, lead or barrel plug/socket could possibly be faulty too.

Have you tried power adapter from Hub One, if you have one?

I believe Plusnet will replace the hub if it is less than a year old.



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Re: Hub One - Suddenly No Power -No Lights

Hey there @FAILSAFE01 


I have got you another router sent out. It will take anywhere up to 5 working days. Smiley

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