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Hub 1, regular Wi-Fi dropouts?

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Hub 1, regular Wi-Fi dropouts?

Hi All! 
I’ve just come on here to find out about requesting a new router, im on my second renewal I think now with plus net, but still on my original hub 1 and was looking to see if I could get a new hub 2; I’d assume this would have been sent out with the contract renewal automatically?

I’ve tried devices on 5ghz and normal channels but seem to suffer regular dropouts of Wi-Fi connection, be it Sonos devices, or internet on the smart TV, or mobile phone use. It can be fine for hours, and then also seem to it out multiple times over a couple of hours, with no real pattern? 

I’ve checked other topics, there was a good post by @Townman but as he stated, I didn’t want to hijack a thread that may not relate to my own issues exactly.


If anyone can advice the best route/process to check everything that would be awesome.


cheers all!



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Re: Hub 1, regular Wi-Fi dropouts?

Hello, a warm welcome to the forums.

Just to be sure we are looking at the right end of your concern here, might I clarify / confirm that the drop outs are WiFi rather than the uplink (ADSL / FTTC)? Some people call the broadband connection failing a “WiFi failure”.

What is the precise nature of the issue? Does the light on the router remain constant blue or does it go through the colour change sequence?

Which mobile phone?

Have you tried splitting the WiFi SSID names? (Cannot be done on Hub 2).

Are there WiFi extenders, repeaters or other WIFi APs in your set up.

Whilst WiFi performance on the Hub 2 is better, it would be wise to be certain that there are no complications in your set up.

Have you used a WiFi analyser to inspect the radio spectrum in your locality? Do you have cordless a doorbell (etc) which also use the 2.4GHz band?

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