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Huawei HG612 Stats & Graphing Programs for VDSL2 (FTTC) Windows Users

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Registered: ‎24-06-2011

Huawei HG612 Stats & Graphing Programs for VDSL2 (FTTC) Windows Users

The first public revision to the HG612 Modem Stats package has now been released.
It is available here:-
Click the Blue Download Now! button & choose one of the Download Mirrors.

It is still currently aimed only at VDSL2/FTTC connections for Microsoft Windows users, but an ADSL version is on its way, combined with Linux compatibility.
The package has been fully tested on XP, Vista & Windows 7 systems & although not perfect, some increased compatibility with problematic Windows 8's Task Scheduler has been built in.

What´s New in version 1.1:
• Connection Up time & Total Bits loaded reported in the Bitloading graph.
• Bitswap graphs per tone in the Ongoing graphing
• Auto-reset the modem´s internal clock at each resync
• More efficient/quicker harvesting/logging, especially for larger modem_stats.log files (mines now 202 MB (212,705,280 bytes) in size).
• Ability to disable extensive event/error logging, just reporting the basics and any true errors (keeps the log file size down).
• Separate resync log.
• Ability to use a different task name.
• The programs should now be fully compatible with the HG610, HG612 & HG622 modems.
• Other various tweaks we can´t remember :-)

New users should simply extract the contents of the zip file to Drive C:, ensuring "Expand Folders" or similar setting is selected for a default setup.
Existing users of the initial version 1.0 should extract all the files & subfolders to the relevant existing folders to ensure the slightly different operation of the package is picked up.
Once all the files are in place, existing users should delete the original HG612 Stats Program task & create a new one via the Settings Editor.
By default, Current (snapshot) data will be harvested & plotted every 8 hours, starting at 06:00 & Ongoing data will be harvested every minute, being plotted at 06:00 each day.
These settings can be easily adjusted or logging and/or automated graphing turned off via the Settings Editor.