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How to change DNS settings?

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How to change DNS settings?

I’m trying to change my DNS but I can’t find where to do this, I’ve recently just joined plusnet so I’m unfamiliar with the layout of the hub manager.

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Re: How to change DNS settings?

I'm afraid the DNS server settings are not changeable on the Hub One

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Re: How to change DNS settings?

Not available on the router settings itself.

Has to be done via the OS of the device you are using.


Quad9 has some nice simple setup guides for the various systems of Windows 10/11, Android, iOS and Linux.

(Of course you don't have to use their DNS servers but the information is still solid.)


I've included an image with a few of the most popular IPV4 DNS servers around.

They MAY improve security but mostly won't improve page loading and certainly won't improve general speed.

And may indeed cause problems if your ISP needs to resolve any issues you have, so it's best to stick with what the ISP provides you with.


Screenshot_2020-06-20 A List of Free and Public DNS Servers.png