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How do I get technical support to escalate an intermittent problem to BT to get them to sort it out?

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How do I get technical support to escalate an intermittent problem to BT to get them to sort it out?

I've had an intermittent problem on my BB that has been partly fixed by BT after 3 engineer visits It is now improved but still drops. Sec Support say that it is now ok purely because it  now sometimes lasts 2 days between drops, but on other occasions it will drop more often. Technical support say that it is allowed to drop 5 times in 25 hours or 12 times in 72 hours and call that an adequate service!

before it was dropping more often. 2 engineer visits said they couldn't find a problem but did see the suggestion of a High Resistance problem - suggestive of a poor connection in the circuit. The 3rd engineer spotted that the BB dropped when the phone line was connected and this didn't happen when this was checked at the street cabinet. There are several junctions between the street cabinet and my house because the distribution cable is on poles which pass through trees. He knows the cable well, which was replaced several years ago because it was damaged by rubbing against the branches Because Storm Doris was blowing it was unsafe to go up a latter to inspect the high junction boxes he could only inspect the street level one. He reconnected the joints and the BB stability has improved but still drops

Intermittent problems are difficult to deal with but I am now stuck in a kafkaesque problem because Tech Support will not escalate the problem at BT and will only resubmit the fault, which means they cannot send the history of the problem. BT will test it and it will happen to be ok on the day so they will not go back to check the junction boxes they could not check because of Storm Doris. I will continue to have an intermittent fault. Indeed one of the reasons that Plusnet will not escalate it is because they 'only have my word for what the BT engineer told me"!!!

My day job is a doctor and I have far more complicated diagnostic problems to sort out than this. Indeed when there is something that obviously wasn't completed (because the patient was told so by another doctor) I can't say " I don't trust you". and I don't send a blood test off with a note saying "there seems to be a vague problem sometimes but today it seems ok"

It does seem that at Plusnet one can be lucky and get someone good and sometimes you get treated like an idiot and told the service is ok because it only drops several times a week.


What's the alternative. I can't ask the problem to be escalated within Plusnet to get a senior engineer to look at it and I cant get the junior to escalate it with BT so that a history can be sent with the problem.

What a shambolic mess where everybody is passing the buck

Is my only alternative to transfer to Virgin because there's no point in transferring to BT fibre because the fault is between the cabinet and my house

What the [-Censored-] do I do?

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