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House move and exchange upgrade

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Registered: ‎17-01-2011

House move and exchange upgrade

Does anyone know if a new connection, caused by a house move, is likely to be held up by an exchange upgrade to ADSL2+?
The BT Available Checker seems to have changed today, or I didn't notice it before, to say that the exchange will be upgraded by 1st February 2011. I really don't want to have no BB for another 2 weeks!!!
The new connection was supposed to have completed by 12/1/2011, after being requested on 5/1/2011, and updates from CS have been we'll get an update tomorrow!! The annoying thing is that we've just moved out of rented, and we have the old house until 6/2 and the BB was cancelled within an hour of putting in the house move Sad I could at least of squatted on the floor there!!
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Re: House move and exchange upgrade

HI Mark,
Having checked the ordering systems all it shows is that the order is delayed due to capacity issues and doesn't really give any more information than that.
Jojo Smiley