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Home move and VDSL install time

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Home move and VDSL install time

We gave 13 day's notice of a house move and opted to take up VDSL (or Fibre as it is advertised). The previous occupant of the new house was using ADSL up until the move day.

I'd have thought 13 days was enough time for BT to put transfer the line onto fibre at the cabinet if that hadn't already been done. But 11 days after the move we still haven't had any broadband service at all. The phone line was working and number ported on the day we moved in. We still haven't been  informed when the service will be working.

If the VDSL wasn't going to be available on the day we moved in, I don't understand why ADSL wasn't provided until an upgrade could be done. And the whole process seems very opaque; the first support call resulted in a new router being sent out, next was a fault report for DSL to BT with a 72 hour response time; when the 72 hours was up, the next call resulted in a line test showing up a battery fault, which I understand is pretty irrelevant, the engineer who eventually came out found that he needed to make a call to get a card installed in the cabinet and - it being a Saturday - that had to wait for Monday; the engineer never came back and we've never been told what happened. The next time we called, a new DSL fault was raised with BT but there was no word about what the response was to the existing DSL fault ticket.

I'd be interest to know what the installation time should be - I can't find it in T&Cs -? And when moving house is the best thing to do, to get ADSL which is usually on immediately and then get fibre later, when there's a promise of no downtime?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Home move and VDSL install time

Hi, I am sorry to hear of the issues you are facing. Could you please DM me your account username so I can look into this for you?

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