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Home Phone Call Blocker

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Home Phone Call Blocker

I have just bought a new BT phone with call blocker. Since plugging it in my broadband is now very unstable and am unable to connect to the internet even though my connection is 'excellent'. Can the blocker be doing just that and blocking the broadband?
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Re: Home Phone Call Blocker

CWelcome to the forum.

I expect that the mods will move this topic to a more appropriate board.

Can you connect to the internet if you unplug the phone?

Have you got another filter you could try? 

Which model phone have you got?

What do you mean when you say your connection is 'excellent?

If it's a BT phone then it should work fine on the BT infrastructure. It could be a faulty phone. I use an old BT8500 without anr problems.

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Re: Home Phone Call Blocker

Hi @Nibe 


Looks as though your router is trying to authenticate onto our network under incorrect credentials. 


Please make sure your router is connected correctly into your BT socket and that the broadband light is Stable.

If you have 2 sockets on the main faceplate you will not need to use a microfilter and the router will connect to the top socket directly. If this is not the case you will need to use a Microfilter (included with the router) on each socket.

Once connected in this way, please follow the steps below:

1) Open up a webpage and in the address bar type 

2) When you connect to this page, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. The username is 'admin' and the password is found on the back of the router and is starts 'CPXXXXXXXXX'

3) On the left, click the option that reads 'Broadband Connections' followed by 'Internet Services'

4) On the far right click the button that says 'Disconnect' so that it changes to 'Connect'

If it is already reads 'Connect' then you can leave this as is.

5) Click View More and this will prompt you for your username and password. Your username which is and your account password and then press 'Connect'

Once this is completed you should be online.


Let us know how this goes.