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High average latency all of April. Constant ping spikes,

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Registered: ‎13-04-2016

High average latency all of April. Constant ping spikes,



I have been experiencing poor connection quality for the whole of April, where websites, videos and streams can take a long time to load or just cut out constantly. In online gaming my ping is regulary spiking up to 300-600 making the game a slideshow and difficult or not enjoyable to play.

This was not happening before April, in March I had a normal, more stable connection.

Some examples from March when my connection was stable. When the line is not in use when we are at work, you can see the "maximum latency" ping response to the "firebrick" pings run by thinkbroadband are between 20 and 40ms. The average latency goes up a little and the maximum latency a lot, during evening peak use.
March 14th
March 15th
March 16th
March 17th

Here is how our connection has looked during the day during April. You can see that the "maximum latency" is extremely high all day when there is no usage from us on the line. This would imply to me that something is wrong with the line that the pings to thinkbroadband would be returning with a high latency with us having no activity on the line. The knock on effect is as explained above, high pings during gaming, unable to stream or play video without interruption.
April 5th
April 6th
April 7th
April 8th
April 9th
And the worst day of all so far and evidence that it is potentially getting worse:
April 11th

I did speak to Plusnet last week about this issue and Aaron told me he would send the issue to the fault team and raise a ticket for me but I haven't heard back yet and don't have a ticket made so I could send these graphs through.

Could I please have some help troubleshooting and diagnosing this problem with my line as it has made general use of the line frustrating as it hinders any normal line use during our peak evening hours.

I am using a Netgear DGND4000 router and have changed no settings since the connection was stable in March to it becomming unstable and poor quality in April.

There are no extraneous devices accessing the internet during the day. Consoles are off. Our mobile phones are with us at work. My computer is off. Yet their is still high latency in response to pings.

Perhaps running a SNR graph log would help also provide some evidence of connection quality loss for Plusnet, but I am unclear on how to do this.