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Help with unstable ADSL2 line - SNR Margin 3.6

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Registered: ‎01-10-2020

Help with unstable ADSL2 line - SNR Margin 3.6

Hi everyone, recently we had problems with line drops and I replaced the supplied router with an Asus DSL-AC55U.

The router change has not resolved the problem, but the newer reports stats I am hoping Plus net can interpret

Stats for downstream SNR Margin 3.6 dB, Line Attenuation 23.5db, Interleave depth 96, Data Rate 15,668 kbps, Max rate 17,864, Power 0.0, INP 1.9 symbols, CRC 62 (after 1 hour 15 mins of uptime).

Upstream has different stats in the same order line as above SNR Margin 10.4 dB, attenuation 15.6, interleaved, 8, 888kpbs, 888kpbs, 10.3dbm (power) 2.0 symbols, CRC 0.

The router is plugged into our master socket. A few years ago we reported a line fault an BT Open Reach eventaully reported 'corrosion' at the Appley Bridge exchange. I would take lower speed for higher stability. I am reporting this on behalf of my Mum who is a full-time carer for her partner. I have all the details of the account and can supply as needed.

-- Dan

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