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Help please to switch of interleaving

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Help please to switch of interleaving

Hi, hoping someone from plusnet is listening, my username is ajmalhome
We had a short power cut last week, on checking the fibre connection I saw I had interleaving switched on (none before)and a drop in down sync to 75100 from 79999. also although upload sync was still showing 19999, although speedtests were not going above 2.7 on the upload, where 18.5 was the normal before.
thankfully after opening a ticket #84676598 the upload is back to normal speeds,  however I think the dlm has slowed my downlink to 73914 from the original 79999
this is my current stats:
Can interleaving be switched off or my profile changed now that its back to normal? I have rebooted the the modem, however i don`t want to do this again as  think DLM does not like it. Also noticed SNR is closer to 6 than a few weeks ago when it was 9
xdslcmd: ADSL driver and PHY status
Status: Showtime
Retrain Reason: 0
Max: Upstream rate = 33067 Kbps, Downstream rate = 88652 Kbps
Path: 0, Upstream rate = 19999 Kbps, Downstream rate = 73914 Kbps
Discovery Phase (Initial) Band Plan
US: (0,95) (868,1207) (1972,2783)
DS: (32,859) (1216,1963) (2792,3971)
Medley Phase (Final) Band Plan
US: (0,95) (868,1207) (1972,2783)
DS: (32,859) (1216,1963) (2792,3971)
      VDSL Port Details      Upstream        Downstream
Attainable Net Data Rate:      33067 kbps        88652 kbps
Actual Aggregate Tx Power:        6.6 dBm          13.4 dBm
  VDSL Band Status U0 U1 U2 U3 D1 D2 D3
  Line Attenuation(dB): 4.3 20.0 29.3 N/A 10.7 24.3 37.1
Signal Attenuation(dB): 4.3 19.1 28.5 N/A 10.7 24.3 37.1
        SNR Margin(dB): 15.1 15.1 15.0 N/A 6.5 6.8 6.6
        TX Power(dBm): -5.9 -24.3 6.4 N/A 10.4 7.9 7.0
thanks for reading!
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Re: Help please to switch of interleaving

BT/OpenReach do not give the ability to change the DLM and interleaving settings so Plusnet haven't the ability to change the setting without raising a fault and having an engineer sent.
If the line remains stable and error free interleaving will be removed automatically.
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