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Help me! Terrible level of service

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Help me! Terrible level of service

Hello everyone,

i've been experiencing terrible lag and spikes on my adsl broadband 17mbps,  since the beginning of the service two months ago   some night it get's so annoying for me and my housemates that we want to trow the router out of the windows. voip it's laggy, streaming terrible to the point that getting 720p on youtube it's an achievement, online games on ps4 are pointless.

what is more upsetting it is the constant up and down of the speed, while my personal page ironically tells you good estimated results

  1. line speed:11Mb (This may vary between 9.5Mb and 13.5Mb) - Checked on 2016-04-09 21:38:39
  2. Current line speed:14.4 Mb you will never get the same results on the speedtest, even if you try few second later.

these are the details from Plusnet 2704n router's helpdesk page



Basic Settings
Advanced Settings
Your Plusnet adviser may ask you for the following information:
1 - Product name: Plusnet Router
2 - Serial number: N7152901B003876 
3 - Firmware version: 7.275.2_F2704N_Plusnet
4 - Board version: F@ST2704N
5 - Mode ADSL
6 - Uptime: 0 days 19:40:45
7 - Data rate: 1187/16395
8 - Maximum data rate: 1188/16480
9 - Noise margin: 6.1/6.1
10 - Line attenuation: 10.3/23.5
12 - Data sent/received: 217.5M/1.8G
20 - Broadband username:  
21 - Wi-Fi network/SSID: PLUSNET-8KJCFG
22 - Wi-Fi connections: Enable(802.11 b/g/n(up to 300 Mb/s))20 MHz WPS enabled
23 - Wi-Fi security: WPA2
24 - Wi-Fi channel: Automatic (Smart Wireless)
25 - Firewall: Default
26 - MAC Address: 84:a4:23:3d:cd:be
27 - Software variant Version 1.0
28 - Boot loader: 7.275.2
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Re: Help me! Terrible level of service

Hi there,


Sorry for the problems you're having.


When you're experiencing the slowdowns are multiple people using it, or do you get the same issue when just 1 person is connected?

Are these via wired or wireless connections?

Are there any specific times of the day this occurs?

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