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Guys my internet drops almost daily

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Registered: ‎10-12-2010

Guys my internet drops almost daily

Hi, for the past few weeks I've been waking up to no internet, or when that's been fine, coming home to no internet. Now before i get all blamey, its entirely possible its the router because all i do is unplug everything and plug in again and all problems correct themselves within a few minutes. Or maybe it's all your fault, I don't know. If someone could look into it and just see if the dropouts are your end or mine.
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Re: Guys my internet drops almost daily

How old is the router as from personal experience routers tend to run hot and certain components (capacitors) dry out from the heat and fail after a few years of use causing all sort of problems from losing sync to just losing the ability to connect via wifi leaving my Desktop PC still having full internet access (due to being plugged direct into the router's LAN port) or even being able to boot up at all when the unit is warm.
If the router is relatively new it's worth trying it connected directly to the BT Master socket's connector (behind the faceplate) to rule out any chances of interference on any phone extension cabling in the house causing the problem (removing faceplate disconnects all extension cabling).