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Got no connection

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Got no connection

Okay got the router in the end, swapped the router over..
will not connect to internet,tried all the steps etc. The router on the firefox page come with an auth failure.
Plusnet told me when i first ordered it would be connected on the 14th,then they changed it and text me with the information it would be connected on the 9th of july.
So can i get an advisor to tell me which it is..its quite frustrating not knowing anymore to be fair,the router took ages, its still not connected. if it connects on the 14th fair enough,probably best not sending me text messages saying the 9th.
In all honesty was hoping this switchover would be easy lol..
Obviously this is not the case..
Plusnet Alumni (retired) LinnPlusnet
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Got no connection

Hi ark7754,
Really sorry for any confusion - the FTTC service is scheduled to migrate on 15/07/2014 between 1PM and 6PM (this is when the engineer will visit the local exchange and your cabinet). They will not need access to the property as you previously had the service installed. Apologies for the notifications you've received stating that it was supposed to be on the 9th of July - these were incorrectly sent and due to a mismatch with our systems and our BT Wholesale ordering systems.