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Good speed through main router but terrible from extender?

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Good speed through main router but terrible from extender?

We've recently changed to plusnet after having terrible Internet from Virgin (around 0.50-3.00 Mbps download speed) and from the main router in the lounge we now get constant speeds of 14mbps plus. On the wifi extender which is located not too far away but because of the walls in the house only receives 28% signal from the main router. The speeds we get from this vary massively, sometimes it can be up to 8-9 Mbps but then it will drop to 0.20 and hover around this area. I thought it might be because of the low signal going into it so I installed a cat5e cable from the main router to the extender and the problem is still the same. Would anyone have any tips on how to fix this?
Is a new extender needed? If so does anyone have any tips on a good one that's compatible with a plusnet router?
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Re: Good speed through main router but terrible from extender?

A warm welcome to the forums.
Extending wifi networks can be a real pain in the neck.  If you are using WDS the remote wifi AP has to relay (receive and retransmit) the wifi signal of the base station.  This can substantially reduce the effectiveness of the connection.
You have not identified the wifi extender and seem to be assuming that the issue is the PlusNET router, rather than the wifi extender, which still seems to be problematic when connected to the router by Ethernet cable.
Personally I use Devolo Ethernet over power network extenders (aka home plugs).  You can get them with a remote wifi AP.  They are pricey but I've found them sound.  Some people have reported ADSL interference using some vendor's home plugs - I have not knowingly experienced this issue with mine and I do keep a constant monitor running looking at / for such issues.