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Game priority over Netflix streaming

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Game priority over Netflix streaming

Is there a way to prioritise network traffic for my game instead of netflix streaming? Whenever I'm on counterstrike my girlfriend streams netflix and my ping spikes from 10-20 all the way to 100+ and it becomes unplayable. I don't want to make her have to stop streaming whenever I'm playing games. It happens on netflix but not youtube, that only goes to like 30 and it's more playable.

Can I not access QoS priority to throttle the traffic to netflix and prioritise my PC?

If it helps, my PC is on a wired connection while she is on wifi either from the TV or from her laptop

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Re: Game priority over Netflix streaming

Hi @aniboi,
My experience on FTTC and FTTP is that applying QoS to the only upstream prevents the ping spiking when others are streaming.
I do not have to priortise one device above another or apppy QoS to tne downstream.
I am not a yamer but use QoS to make sure Teams and like work smoothly when working from home.
To implement QoS I use my own router running OpenWRT.
I do not use the Plusnet supplied router. It is in the cupboard as an spare in case my main router fails.

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Re: Game priority over Netflix streaming


There is no QoS setting capability on the Hub 2. There is nothing to stop you buying a third party combined modem/router (I assume that you are on FTTC). The settings are here:

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