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Further drop in speed.

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Further drop in speed.

My broadband speed started to fall off in May and I raised a "ticket" to that effect to which the answer was there's nothing wrong with your connection.
It used to be a consistent almost 5mb/s, for 7 years with Madasafish and almost 2 years with PN, which has gradually dropped to the current just over 3mb/s. It has dropped to this after more than two months at 4.5mb/s. Nothing has changed, same PN supplied router, same internal wiring, same two 'phones connected to that wiring, router into master socket.
There has to be some reason for this continuous deterioration in service. Undecided
My next door neighbour (Sky LLU) is getting 4.5mb/s, same route to pole, same cabinet, same pole, the only difference is exchange equipment and router.
How much more of a reduction will it take for PN to wake up to the fact that there is something not quite right?
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Re: Further drop in speed.

Hi Newagetraveller,
Everything degrades over time - even the contacts of the master socket and filter.
Can you please gather the data requested in the speed issues thread at the top of this forum and I'll see if the stats show anything obvious.
Is the phone line quite?  Dial 17070 option 2 using a corded phone in the master socket.
Is the router in the master socket?
What could have changed over time is the population of electrical equipment in your household, but more more likely the quality of it may have changed.  Overtime cheap power supply units can start to emit shed loads of interference which has an adverse affect on ADSL.  The requested information might offer some indication if you are affected by this.