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Frequent disconnections over the past month

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Frequent disconnections over the past month

Hi PN,
I normally enjoy a reasonably stable connection however over the past month or so this has not been the case. I am on the IPv6 trial and, as a result, the reconnections are playing havoc with the assigned prefix however even aside from that they are getting increasingly annoying as they always seem to occur at the least convenient time (coincidence or related to high use possibly?).
As you can see from these graphs (the 'uptime' graph in particular) I'd normally go at least a week with a resync - sometimes even as long as 20-30 days - but over the last month I've been getting a resync every day (sometimes more than one).
Is there anything you can do to assist? I tried to raise a fault and, having selected the 'My broadband connection drops' option followed by 'The broadband light is on' it asks if I'm connected. I am so it makes the assumption that the problem is fixed!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Frequent disconnections over the past month

Best thing to do is raise the fault again but perhaps choose "the broadband light is off" even if that's not quite true it should allow the fault to be raised so we can get the automated tests unde rway for you.
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