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Fixed DNS works sort of

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Fixed DNS works sort of

Had the connection drop. Finally got through - variously 25 and 35 minutes waiting times and was talked through to a fixed DNS of .. etc
Okay that works for my PC, but I can't set the DNS on my Phones nor my Blu-ray nor freesat all of which are web connected - or used to be. Then there is my works laptop which I cannot change the DNS back and forth which was the point of going to plusnet from orange so I could have a fixed IP. That is becoming less and less of a need as my need now is just simply to have a reliable internet connection.
DSN remains fine, just no DNS!
10 years with Freeserve / Wanadoo / Orange with virtually no downtime, now swicthed to plusnet, basically for a static IP and I have spent more time trying to get a connection this last week than in the whole previous ten years!  As to hearing a Yorkshire accent!
I tried to revert back to Orange, but they said that as I had handed over my MAC code that was it! 
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Re: Fixed DNS works sort of

If you put the fixed DNS settings in to the router that should take care of the other devices and leave them to get the DNS settings from the router.
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