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Fibre speeds fallen since june

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Fibre speeds fallen since june

Hi, i have a problem with my internet. When i 1st got fibre i was getting speeds of 75 down 18 up. We had a power cut in june and ive noticed ever since that my speed has decreased dramatically. Upload speeds haven't changed, stay between 14-18 but my download has dropped to 6 -12!! Could someone check this out please? Thank you.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre speeds fallen since june

Hi pbyne,
Sorry to hear about the drop in download speeds. I've just been running some diagnostics which didn't indicate any obvious issues, which I was partially expecting to see bearing in mind what you mentioned about the power cut. Have you tried restarting the connection since then? The best way to do so is to log into the router to disconnect then reconnect:
Failing that I'd head straight to to report the issue.
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 Adam Walker
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