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Fibre provision

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Re: Fibre provision

OK - I'll give it a bash via the upgrade process.
I bet there are problems though.  Cry

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Re: Fibre provision

I have just selected to upgrade to fibre and the installation date is next Monday Cheesy  Really looking forward to it Tongue  I have been a loyal Plusnet customer for over 10 years so I hope they don't let me down Tongue
The traffic management on fibre compared to the old Plusnet Unlimited is not bad if you think about it.  On Plusnet Unlimited, you were limited to 512kb/s and below from 4pm until midnight, with fibre, I will get faster speeds after shaping than I did on normal ADSL when my broadband wasn't traffic shaped.  XD
These are the speeds I have to contend with at the moment:
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Re: Fibre provision

Quote from: Un
Speed looks to be heavily locked down.

Thats one of my final concerns, but if it does prove a problem there's always the Pro Add on for £5 a month