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Fibre installation

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Fibre installation

Hi everyone,
I am thinking of upgrading to Plusnet Unlimited Fibre.  I know I must have the fibre modem sited close to my (new) main phone socket, but I want to install the router remotely by running a cable through the loft.  I would do this work myself.  Does anybody know if that would be acceptable or should I just keep my mouth shut and do it!  I know I have the option of having the installation engineer run a cable from my main phone point to a new location for the fibre modem, but the last thing I want is cable stapled to all my door frames and skirting boards.  Yuck! 
I would be grateful for any advice/comments.
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Re: Fibre installation

It is entirely your responsibility to run the cable between the router and the modem - BT's responsibility ends at the RJ45 socket on the modem.  Downstream cabling is none of their business  Smiley