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Fibre disconnecting

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Fibre disconnecting



My fibre broadband keeps disconnecting, it will reconnect on it's own after a few minutes but then does it again maybe 5 - 10 mins later. Does this for about 3 hours then all is ok.

The last couple of times it happened was Mon, about 5.30pm for about 2 hours the it's been playing up today since 2,30pm.


I've sent the text to report a problem and got a reply that all was working, I've done the checklist as suggested in the help page.


Could someone please look into my connection history and you will see the problems.




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Re: Fibre disconnecting


A warm welcome to the forums.  You have posted on the broadband board, so that infers that your "fibre" is FTTC.  If it is FTTP, then ignore what follows and reply accordingly, then a moderator can move this to the most appropriate board.

Broadband is not going to work well if the "phone" line is not working properly.

Please perform a quiet line test - dial 17070 select option 2 using a phone plugged into the test socket behind the face plate of the master socket (ideally this should be a corded phone). The line should be silent. A noisy phone line (or no dial tone) will have a marked adverse impact on the performance of broadband.

If the line is noisy or there is no dial tone, then a PHONE LINE fault needs to be raised with your phone provider. If this is PlusNet, you can report a fault on line using the button below. NB: You need to put your LANDLINE NUMBER after "PHONE" [missing instruction].


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.