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Fibre connection

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Registered: ‎11-01-2014

Fibre connection

Hi I am at the moment very please with my broadband connection however getting to this point has been a journey.

I have received a lot of help and suggestions to help from the guys at PlusnetThumbs_Upto cure the problems I have been dealing with IE a wireless connection that slowly disappears an Ethernet via mains power distribution connection that does the same my speed test when connected was 7 mbs download  17 mbs upload I tried all manor of fixes I found on the internet non of which made one iota of difference.

Then I decided to try another possible fix I bought a length of Cat 6 cable plus connectors a crimp tool and made up a cable which I ran up the stairs to the computer and boom my speed is now 70+mbs Download 17 mbs up.

So now I am going to extend the unfiltered incoming phone line into a convenient place to have the router and run Cat 6 into the loft and then to the study making sure I have twisted pair cable all the way.

I hope this is of some help to others who may have the same problem.