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Fibre Broad band speed very slow

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Registered: ‎11-05-2014

Fibre Broad band speed very slow

I am on fibre using  Technicolor Gateway Product Name TG582n on Software Release  not more than 200M from cabinet.
When fitted couple of week ago I had aprox 60/20 speed.  I measured today and I was receiving
1. Best Effort Test:
Download Speed : 4.5 Mbps
2. Upstream Test:
Upload Speed : 13.3 Mbps
Tested with BT whole sale. I have raised Support question #85101020 .
(1) will a factory reset on router help? (will it delete any plus net account details as well?)
(2) is the speed issue with the router or Plus net? Is there any think I can do other than wait for Plusnet to progress question?
(3) is me or is the web inter face on this router very slow loading especially when device are connect to lan and wireless?
Secondary problem once speed issue is sorted
(4) VPN getting very intermittent connections with VPN for work... Have complained to Plusnet but they are unable to help..suggest forum!

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Fibre Broad band speed very slow

Hi garethrwilliams,
I'm sorry for the problems you've had with regards to your throughput speed. The issue was being caused by the Speed Profile set on our systems hadn't updated correctly - this has now been changed.
Please let us know if this doesn't resolve the issue.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer