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Fibre: 10 Day learning period Question

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Fibre: 10 Day learning period Question

I've just upgraded from standard Broadband to Unlimited fibre and was told to expect "up to 27Mb"... getting 17mb Up 6Mb down or so so its a lot better than the 2.1mb I had before but not quite what was suggested (yet..) , anyway I have a quick question please on what appears to be some conflicting advice in the documentation/FAQs etc etc.
Theres a reported 10 day bedding in/training period and I've seen that in order to settle the routers/line etc that you must never power down the routers (either the Plusnet or BT one) but elsewhere seen that you need to turn it on/off a couple of times in those 10 days....
So any recommendations on which ones best to follow please...?Huh
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Fibre: 10 Day learning period Question

Hi PaulSc330,
The 10 day training period refers to ADSL technology. On Fibre, for the first two days, your profile on Fibre is left completely open. Based on the data taken from the first two days and your connection rate between the Fibre Cabinet and BT Openreach Modem will dictate what speeds you get.
Your best bet in my opinion would be to leave the Modem and Router connected for as long as possible and see if the speeds pick up.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer